Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname

Federal Aviation Administration

The CASAS has close relations with the Federal Aviation Administration. It was this organization which rated the Republic of Suriname, Category I. As a result of this, Surinamese operators are able to carry out flights to any point within the territory of the United States of America. With regard to the categorization by the FAA, it can be mentioned that when conducting an audit the findings of the ICAO are taken into consideration. In order to maintain the category I status, the CASAS has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the FAA, under which the FAA will evaluate the CASAS twice a year to see if regarding aviation safety and related aspects, CASAS has maintained compliance with the SARPS. Under the agreement, the FAA has provided technical assistance to CASAS, this up to the recent certification of the B747-300 introduced by our national carrier. The CASAS also benefited from FAA assistance in the past year as a member of the Regional Safety Oversight System (SEE RASOS).  Another worth mentioning activity of the FAA is the development of Model Regulations which has been used as guidance material by countries, mainly in the Caribbean. This year, in cooperation with the ICAO and experts from the Netherlands, the model regulations for personnel licensing has been developed and licensing personnel from different countries among which Suriname, have been trained in this matter in an ICAO approved course.