Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname

Personnel Licensing

The Licensing department evaluates, coordinates and administers applications for licences to be issued to civil aviation personnel; this in close cooperation with the Flight Operations and Airworthiness departments and the aviation medical examiners. It is also responsible for record keeping of aviation personnel that hold a licence, rating or medical certificate issued by the CASAS.

The ICAO defines a licence as follows :

A licence is the means by which a State authorizes a licence holder to perform specific activities which unless performed properly, could jeopardize the safety of aviation. The licence provides evidence that an issuing State is satisfied that the holder has demonstrated an internationally acceptable degree of competency.

In order to ensure that personnel holding safety positions have a level of competency which is appropriate and accepted internationally, persons employed in this department shall be kept current and receive training to enable them to update and amend their specific regulations
( CARS Part 2 ) to comply with the Standards of Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention