Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname

Aviation Security

Under this department is included all that is related to the security of the civil aviation. This division is part of the Operations and it is its purpose to guarantee, control and carry out inspections on the safety and security systems in and round the airports in Suriname as laid down in the Act of Safety and Security of the Civil Aviation (Gazette of the Republic of Suriname 2002 No 24) and the policy plan of CASAS.

Carrying out activities derived from the national and international prescriptions
concerning the prevention of unlawful acts against the civil aviation, based on Article 39 of the Act of 12 March 2002 regarding the increase of the security of the specified aviation areas in Suriname and the insurance to comply with the security program to be elaborated and on annex 17 of the ICAO. Thereby making use of the National Civil Aviation Security Oversight Program (quality control & assurance). It also provides advice and approval to airports and air operators security training programs and security programs & plans.